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Misting Systems

symbol depicting a high pressure misting system

Colloquially known as a patio mister, water is pressurized at a high level enabling flash evaporation which can reduce ambient air temperature by up to 30 degrees.

Misting Fans

symbol depicting a misting fan

In absence of a structure to attach mist line onto, a misting fan is the best application. Popular on patios with deep floor space and equipped for highly targeted areas.

Fogging Systems


Usually hidden out of sight in landscapes, gardens, rock features, and pools; fogging systems are purely for aesthetics, visual impact, and the "wow" factor.

System Maintenance


In a region of the country with over 150 days above 90 degrees every year, we're here to keep you up and running by fixing problems and answering questions.

  • "The system works really well. Great mist. The tubing matches my patio colors.
    Jordan is very nice and pleasant to deal with."

    - Lisa Patnoe in Glendale, AZ on 05/03/17

  • "Jordan and Jimmy did a great job evaluating and repairing my system as well as educating me.
    Definitely plan to continue using Metro Mist services for maintenance and possible upgrades."

    - Francis Snyder in Phoenix, AZ on 03/30/17

  • "Very professional for both installation and maintenance. System has performed much better
    than our previous one. They arrive at the scheduled time when they arrange appointments."

    - Jack Kelley in Phoenix, AZ on 02/03/17

  • "Installation was flawless and we knew exactly what to expect.
    Our equipment is in great shape because of the proper maintenance that Metro Mist provides."

    - Torry Campbell in Chandler, AZ on 01/19/17

Misting Systems In Phoenix

Our misting system is powered by a high-pressure, commercial-grade, 1000PSI American Made pump capable of cooling outdoor entertainment areas by 20 degrees. Once the pump pressurizes the water, it traverses our 3/8 inch stainless steel tubing before being released through our nozzles. For every 20 feet of tubing, you can expect about 12 nozzles. Each nozzle expends about 2% of a gallon of water each minute. The average home misting system consists of 30 nozzles equating to a half-gallon of water per minute. For scale, the average home showerhead uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

Patio Misters And Water

Understanding that your misting system is asked to pressurize a half-gallon of water per minute before forcing the water through the tiny orifice of the nozzlehead, it's clear that soft water is favored over the hard, mineral-abundant water unfortunately prevalent in Arizona. At Metro Mist, we combat this issue with our triple-filter pumps; standard on all models. Removing as much sediment and calcium as we can, the water is filtered three times before entering your pump, tubing, and nozzles. As a result, our misting systems stay healthy; capable of longevity. Nozzles aren't prone to clogging with proper filtration. Tubing avoids corrosion and build-up. Ten years out of a misting system is certainly feasible with the right supervision.

Misting Maintenance And Service

What is now standard in the misting industry wasn't in the past. With the increased demand for dependable misting systems in the growing western USincreased demand for dependable misting systems in the growing western US, companies here have now been forced to finally produce a quality, durable product. The perception that misting systems are finnicky, unreliable, and expensive is still somewhat prevalent. The origin of these opinions is a result of little to no care for maintenance by the professionals who installed the misting systems. Ahead of the curve, The Metro Mist Maintenance Program has always been a part of our business. Our bi-annual check-ins to perform basic care to your system's components is not rocket science! Similar to a car's engine, we add fresh oil, decommission worn filters, disassemble/cleanse nozzles and acid-wash the tubing's inner walls.

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